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Frequently Asked Question | Adventures by Kat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Adventures by Kat and a regular travel agent?

Travel agents often work for free and have connections and partnerships with various hotels, tours, and cruises. You'll have to work with those they work with, and their motivation is to make the most money they can off of your trip. Kat charges by the day, and will happily book anything for you regardless of a kickback. This ensures a completely custom trip!

How much do I pay at the start?

First time Adventurers usually pay 100% up front. This is due to some bad apples who choose to end communication after getting an itinerary and book themselves. A 50/50 option is up for discussion during the Get Started Interview and is automatically available for business/large groups or trips with 6 or more days. 
Return Adventurers pay a 50/50 split, 50% prior to planning and remaining 50% after proposal is finalized. 


What is the first step?

Better yet, here are all 6 steps...

STEP 1: You determine travel dates and fill out the questionnaire

STEP 2: Kat will get back to you to confirm services and send an invoice to begin planning.

STEP 3: Conduct phone interview to understand what your ideal adventure looks like.

STEP 4: Adventure proposal provided with phone interview to adjust and finalize.

STEP 5: Book adventure and send detailed itinerary through Tripit.

STEP 6: Go have fun on your Adventures by Kat!

Do you book flights?

Not usually. Kat can assist with finding flights. With so many people using personal points to reduce flight costs and the costs of flights fluctuating daily, it is easier to have you book. Additionally, this ensures correct name, birthdate, passport and other info is absolutely correct when booked. If booking flights is desired then an additional $25/pp fee is required. 

Do you book hotels and cars?

Yes. As a licensed agent, Kat can find some amazing hotel and car deals. If Airbnb or VRBO are desired, recommendations can be made. Also, if you have rewards memberships then let Kat know that info before booking so you can get all those amazing points for your next trip. 
NOTE: Airbnb does not allow agents to book so you will need to complete those steps.

Do you book cruises and tour packages?

Yes. Kat even knows how you can travel on a containership if that is desired. 

What if a tour or flight gets canceled?

You will be notified as soon as Kat is informed of the change, and refunded by that company. If you like, Kat can attempt to make other arrangements. However, Kat is not responsible for any cancelations by hotels, airlines, tour excursions etc.. Travel Insurance is HIGHLY recommended to account for these type of anomalies. 

What if I'm disabled/have a large group/have kids/elderly travelers/vegan/etc.?

No problem. Just let Kat know during initial interview and everything will be taken into account when planning. That's my job. 

What if I already made some plans for the trip?

That's great! Just let Kat know during initial interview and other plans will be worked around existing ones. 

Can you plan part of my trip?

Absolutely! Kat plans only what days you want planned.

What destinations do you cover?

Anything and everything. If Kat has been there it is easier but challenges are always fun. 

Can you assist with Passport and Visa paperwork?

Yes. This is an additional fee of $25/pp per document. 
NOTE: A digital passport/visa photo is required and the State Dept has a Photo Tool to help if needed. Photo Requirements and Composition Templates are helpful to ensure photo acceptance.

What are Return Adventurer Rewards?

Great Question! These rewards are available ONLY for those booking for their 2nd or even 99th time. Rewards can include free planning days, daily planning discounts, referral discounts and more. Just book for your 1st time with Kat and experience for yourself. 

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